SOY WAX CANDLE--8 0Z JELLY JAR CANDLE--Popular Spiced Cranberry....OR Choose Scent

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introducing my new Spiced Cranberry Scented Natural Soy Wax Candle..OR choose your scent.
New size Jelly Jar Soy Candles --8 oz. container which can be washed out and re used ....These candles are hand poured as ordered using soy beans grown right here in the USA... This is the best soy wax available.
This candle is wonderfully fragrant , hand poured in a delicious and yummy scent of homey Spiced Cranberry Scent !!.....Mmmm! This is an incredible smell wafting through your space..Smells just like years ago at home...Holidays and good memories...... .I use only the highest quality essential or fragrance oils for your candle's scent.
Soy burns cleanly with no smoke using lead-free wicks. It is a natural, renewable source and helps our local farmers right here at home...the number one growers of soy...There is no animal testing and nothing toxic here. . These candles make a wonderful tasteful and affordable gift or something special to keep just for yourself. ")
I have found this candle burns a minimum of 45 hours and usually more when the wick is kept trimmed to 1/4" and kept out of drafts. Please use your candle in a safe manner and follow the safety instructions printed on the bottom . This candle in the jar weighs approximately 12.25ozs.
My soy candles contain:
NO Toxic Materials
NO Petroleum or Paraffin
NO Palm Wax
Uses 100% vegetable wax which is bio degradable.
Cleans up easily with hot water and soap, making the container
reusable and recyclable.
I pour my candles in wax clear of coloring, so they come out a nice creamy white in color.

SOY WAX CANDLE--8 0Z JELLY JAR CANDLE--Popular Spiced Cranberry....OR Choose


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