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STARRY STARRY Night--Guest Soaps---Berry SCENTED--10 in Group-Shea Butter-Goats Milk


Item collection 761051 original

Spicy HOT Pink HEARTS -- Pinks n Whites--Six--7-2 oz-Handmade -Peppermint n Vanilla Scent


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Goats Milk Soap Bar--Oatmeal, Milk and Honey-Oval Top Soap-5 OZ.


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Handmade Glycerine Soap--Autumn Wreath Scent--5OZ-Oval Soap Bar


Item collection 0fcf748a d6db 4a4f 97bb 2bfa845beb64

Glycerine Soap Bar--Vanilla-Lavender--5.2oz Bar


Item collection ed78be51 2173 418b 9895 03130cf5197d

Glycerine Soap Bar--Oval--Ocean Mist Scent- 5 Oz


Item collection 658430 original

HOT Pink Gingerbread Couple-Layered--White Chocolate--Choice of Peppermint or Bubblegum


Item collection 2050648 original

Stocking Folks HOT Pink Vanilla Strawberry -GOATS MILK Soaps


Item collection 3183294 original

WINTER Forest Trees- WINTER Snowmen-Guest Soaps--Frankinsense Myrrh--Winter Woods-YOU Choose


Item collection 5ee9c7b6 e094 4fed a541 5621e6033105

Shea Butter and Goats Milk Soap Bar--Cherry Vanilla--Two Toned--5.2 Oz Oval Soap


Item collection 556d915d dac1 4d96 9ecf 932cf4cbf747

Spooky and Cute Kitty Paws--Guest Soaps-WEREWOlF Scented--HALLOWEEN


Item collection b4e35fce a031 4128 8ffd afffb1f0b8d1

SKULL Soaps-SPOOKY CUTE Guest Soaps--Halloween Soaps--Pumpkin SCENTED--6


Item collection d3986a20 8c69 4896 93e9 9333d84a19ed



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SHEA Butter Soap Bar--Creamy Lather--Organic Blackberry Tea--BlackBerry Soap


Item collection il fullxfull.261265957

Shea Butter SWEET Berries n Cream or Fresh Blackberries-- Square Soap Bar--Skin-Loving Soaps


Item collection il fullxfull.561569171 dt23

GLYCERINE-- Soap--UNISEX Bar-- Rain --Irish Mint- Fresh Grass--Bamboo- Green Wreath-Christmas-Easter--St Patricks Day--


Item collection il fullxfull.516767435 s5sc

Glycerine SOAP Bar--Bubbly--Yummy Bubble Gum--Oval---Hot Pink-Kids or Adults Love Bubblegum


Item collection il fullxfull.943000674 lokb

Glycerine Soap Bar--BERGAMOT--Grapefruit Scent--Garden CALENDULA--Handcrafted


Item collection il fullxfull.883856604 p0r9

Natural Lemon Eucalyptus SHEA BUTTER Bar---Unisex--


Item collection il fullxfull.516694522 9ulj

DEEP Lavender SAGE -- UNISEX Soapbar--Large 5plus oz Bar-- Real Organic Lavender


Item collection il fullxfull.249794808

Citrus Grove Coolers in Zesty Lemon and Sunsweet Pink Grapefruit---10 in Group


Item collection il fullxfull.493276252 qt4e

SKULL n CROSS-Bones SOAPS--Pirate--Kids--Spooky and Cute--Crystal Red in Bite Me Scent--Anytime Fun


Item collection il fullxfull.178203205

Crystal SKULLS- FUN Soaps SPOOKY--Pirate Soaps--Glycerine--Scent Choices of Bite Me or Werewolf---


Item collection il fullxfull.431433923 ac00

Sensual Creamy LOVE Hearts--Mini----6---Valentine , Mother's Day, Birthday or Just To Say I Love You.


Item collection 1185315 original

Oatmeal, Milk, Honey with Green Tea Soap Bar


Item collection 1336814 original

Natural Rosemary, Lemon n Eucalypus Goatsmilk Soap Bar



Welcome to Yummy Pleasures, your place for handcrafted bath soaps n select handmade jewelry. I have also added my new all natural soy and beeswax candles for your shopping pleasure as well as some cute fabric buttons and earrings. All of my items have been pre-approved by family and friends ! : )