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VALENTINE HOLIDAY Drop Earrings--RhineStones--Glass Pearls--Swarovski Crystals-Lead Free EarWires


Item collection f0cc0d75 715c 4e08 801c 8d16f1dcc28f

VALENTINE Drop Earrings--RhineStone-Glass Pearls--Lead Free EarWires-GORGEOUS


Item collection 5c5bc53a f868 4061 bcce be61ac1e4bc5

Glass Pearl Cha Cha--Cluster Bracelet--Lovely Green n White-Christmas Gift


Item collection 7df46f62 86ef 4c73 a99b 37566166c061

FABRIC Covered Button EARRINGS--28mm-1-1/8"--Hypo Allergenic Posts--UNICORN--Fantasy EARRINGS


Item collection 86e28710 5495 4057 9c6e 9428bb6ac9f9

Tassel Earrings--Medium Length-Choice 0f Colors--Hippie--Boho Style--Cute for Work or Casual


Item collection d006c186 4f36 4308 be2a 2d756f8e9de1

RED Rose Ring--Resin on Black Brass Adjustable Band--20mm Flower-Romance Inspired


Item collection 2e61dc1e 9a88 4762 99c2 730ee04967fd

FABRIC Covered Earrings--28mm--White on Black POLKA Dots---1-1/8th"-Retro Look--TRENDY-


Item collection il fullxfull.991774460 mibv

Fabric Covered STRIPED Black n White- Post EARRINGS--Light Weight-28mm-1-1/8"-Trendy-Fun


Item collection il fullxfull.1038300253 d8gw

Handmade Fabric Earrings - Bold Black and White POLKA DOTS-1 1/8"--Light Weight-Retro Design


Item collection il fullxfull.588172723 985q

Hippy MINI Hair Clips--Aligator-Crocodile--Blue-Pink-Brown Flowered Clips-60s Vintage Inspired


Item collection il fullxfull.450724892 jipx

GREENMINT Rose Ring Coctail-Wedding-Graduation--Bridesmaid--Antique Inspired ROMANTIC-FLOWER Ring


Item collection il fullxfull.780141667 91ew

HAIR CLIP--Brass Filigree--Antique Inspired--Rosy RED--Roses with Red Glass Leaves-Red Glass Half Pearls--Gorgeous


Item collection il fullxfull.780149273 oitu

Hair Clip---Brass Filigree---Antique Inspired--Black on Black----Black Roses--Black Glass Pearls and Glass Leaves


Item collection il fullxfull.780130001 hq8h

HAIR CLIP Brass--Filigree--Alligator Clip--Nickel and Lead-Free-Center Lotus--Gorgeous in GREEN---Garden Green Inspired


Item collection il fullxfull.780151313 6xir

HAIR CLIP--Brass Filigree--Antique Inspired--Green LOTUS--Glass Pearls-


Item collection il fullxfull.1049078874 9763

FABRIC Covered POST Earrings--RED Silk--28mm- Hypo Allergenic Posts--VALENTINE Red


Item collection il fullxfull.1182592947 ow22

Fabric Covered EARRINGS--Garden BlueBerry Pattern--28mm--1 1/8"--


Item collection il fullxfull.897750869 kgfq

FABRIC Covered Post BUTTON Earrings--CHEVRON Pattern--Black-Aqua-Grey-White Colors- 1 1/8"- 28mm--Trendy - Hypo Alergenic Posts


Item collection il fullxfull.1174041453 hx49

Hand Made Pink STRAWBERRY Earrings--Lever Backs--Adorable for Spring or Summer Gift


Item collection il fullxfull.898555436 2pm7

FABRIC Covered Button Earrings--5/8"=15mm--WHITE -RED Heart-Surgical Steel--Hypo Allergenic Posts/Backs--Cute--Trendy


Item collection il fullxfull.1169149903 17hj

BLACK ROSE Hair Clips--Bobbi Pin Accessories--Hair Clips--Rose Jewelry--Goth Look--Hair Pins



Welcome to Yummy Pleasures, your place for handcrafted bath soaps n select handmade jewelry. I have also added my new all natural soy and beeswax candles for your shopping pleasure as well as some cute fabric buttons and earrings. All of my items have been pre-approved by family and friends ! : )