Item collection il fullxfull.780130001 hq8h

HAIR CLIP Brass--Filigree--Alligator Clip--Nickel and Lead-Free-Center Lotus--Gorgeous in GREEN---Garden Green Inspired


Item collection il fullxfull.780151313 6xir

HAIR CLIP--Brass Filigree--Antique Inspired--Green LOTUS--Glass Pearls-


Item collection il fullxfull.745628117 dicj

ROSE Resin Ring--Filigree Copper Band-Vintage Inspired-Fancy Party Ring--Proms-Weddings--Adjustable Band


Item collection il fullxfull.1025602502 n5qb

Fabric Covered COUNTRY SUNFLOWER--Post Earrings-Light Weight--28mm-1-1/8"--Great Gift


Item collection il fullxfull.780014128 e6r0

Bobby PINS-Fancy -Resin Roses--Painted Wood Bead--Pinks--Purples--Hair Clips--New For Spring


Item collection il fullxfull.1049098010 2pbs

FABRIC Covered Earrings--Midnight Blue-Black Accents--ABSTRACT Print--28mm- Gifts Under Ten


Item collection il fullxfull.897999446 j4xx

FABRIC Covered Button Earrings--Pink For SPRING--1-1/8th "=28mm--TRENDY Print--Vintage Fabric


Item collection il fullxfull.493276252 qt4e

SKULL n CROSS-Bones SOAPS--Pirate--Kids--Spooky and Cute--Crystal Red in Bite Me Scent--Anytime Fun


Item collection il fullxfull.574872118 tnkn

Tarts-Soy WAX Melts--HERBAL -Cold and Flu Relief---THREE (3) Pack


Item collection il fullxfull.934276847 65ak

BATH SALTS-Foot Soak-Unscented or You Choose Scent-Organic Unbleached Muslin Bags--Three (3) Pack


Item collection il fullxfull.178203205

Crystal SKULLS- FUN Soaps SPOOKY--Pirate Soaps--Glycerine--Scent Choices of Bite Me or Werewolf---


Item collection il fullxfull.1138334250 s3xh

Glass PEARL Cha Cha Kluster Bracelet-- White - Black -Peach Accents---Beautiful Gift---


Item collection il fullxfull.1136459072 irmw

FABRIC Scrap Strips-Vintage--Colorful Cotton Mixed Bag---24 Strips Mixed -- SCRAPBOOKING--Fabric Jewelry--Sewing Crafts


Item collection il fullxfull.1179070965 2uw5

BEESWAX Hand Rolled Taper Candles--Tapers--Five Sets--CLEARANCE--S A L E


Item collection il fullxfull.424927147 7pfi

Love The BLUES--Guest Heart Soaps-- Love Soaps--6---Three BUTTER Blend-Fresh Picked BERRY Scent


Item collection il fullxfull.250081555

Natural Cedar and Lavender Bar in Goatsmilk--UNISEX Scent


Item collection il fullxfull.208051031

HEARTS HOT Pink n Whites----Love Gifts (6) HOLIDAY Gifts


Item collection il fullxfull.124877647

RAINBOW Bridge Tribute Locket Crystal Necklace--Memorial Jewelry--Missing Beloved Pet


Item collection il fullxfull.856780540 a7rl

FABRIC Covered Earrings--5/8"--15mm--ADORABLE Doggie Bones in Orange-Red-Yellow on Blue-Surgical Steel Posts--TRENDY


Item collection il fullxfull.480946156 7zxm

Skull Cameo Lolita , Spooky n Cute Accessories, Hair Pins, Fun Hair Clips, SheSkull- Goth, Folk, Dark Accessories


Item collection il fullxfull.462300060 1frb

SKULL n Crossbones Resin RING---Black n White--Adjustable Filagree Band--Goth---Fantasy


Item collection il fullxfull.1049078874 9763

FABRIC Covered POST Earrings--RED Silk--28mm- Hypo Allergenic Posts--VALENTINE Red


Item collection il fullxfull.873947336 1xs0

BEESWAX Hand Rolled Taper CANDLES--8"--Lemon Price-CLEARANCE


Item collection il fullxfull.1174014613 2e5w

SOY Wax Melts--Large Size--CRANBERRY BRULEE'- Scented--Intoxicate Your Senses--Three Pac---Sweet Gift


Item collection il fullxfull.698825975 rgvw

Red Bell ANGELS--PEWTER WINGS--Adorable Gift--Sweet--Red Angel Head and Dress--Angel Collections


Item collection il fullxfull.874230114 cgav

BEESWAX Taper Hand Rolled CANDLES--8"--Dinner Table-CLEARANCE Price


Item collection il fullxfull.93878649

Bird House Drop Earrings in Mauve Pink with Mint Green Trim


Item collection il fullxfull.98648650

Hummingbird Enamel Earrings in Soft Lime Green


Item collection il fullxfull.1138336510 awnz

Glass PEARL Cha Cha Cluster Bracelet--Hot Pink----Black and White- with-RHINESTONEs--Dressy Jewelry--Beautiful Gift


Item collection il fullxfull.93833866

Pink Hummingbird Chandelier Dangle Earrings


Item collection il fullxfull.500900140 cym5

Taper Candles--BEESWAX Hand Rolled TAPERS--Candy Apple RED--Valentine Tables--Gifts--Clean Burning


Item collection il fullxfull.1182592947 ow22

Fabric Covered EARRINGS--Garden BlueBerry Pattern--28mm--1 1/8"--


Item collection il fullxfull.1182589043 ntt0

Fabric Covered EARRINGS--Garden Flowers--28mm--1 1/8" --Beige Background--Flowers--SPRING COUNTRY-Easter Fashion


Item collection il fullxfull.860594358 4cze

FABRIC Covered Post Stud Button EARRINGS--5/8"--15mm--LADYBUG Print in Red and White--Adorable


Item collection il fullxfull.897750869 kgfq

FABRIC Covered Post BUTTON Earrings--CHEVRON Pattern--Black-Aqua-Grey-White Colors- 1 1/8"- 28mm--Trendy - Hypo Alergenic Posts


Item collection il fullxfull.1174041453 hx49

Hand Made Pink STRAWBERRY Earrings--Lever Backs--Adorable for Spring or Summer Gift


Item collection il fullxfull.1072131325 flq3

FABRIC Covered ABSTRACT Red n Black-Post Earrings- Stud Earrings-Light Weight-28mm-1-1/8"- TRENDY


Item collection il fullxfull.900610805 j62h

FABRIC Covered Stud BUTTON Earrings--1-1/8"-28mm--Baby Pink Check-Vintage Fabric


Item collection il fullxfull.1135981510 fsfk

FABRIC Covered Button Earrings--Hearts--28mm--1 1/8"--Beige-Green-RED Hearts--Cute Gift


Item collection c6aa96c4 b432 4619 9f64 bd3958ad059e

MINI Bottle PIXIE Necklace--Horoscope APRIL--Ram Charm--FAIRY DUST


Item collection 09c7d7c4 e19b 42c1 8add 00abbe64640d

Tub Tea, Bath Tea--HERBAL Healing STEAM-Facial Soothing-Organic Herbs-Organic Cotton BAGS-Aromatherapy


Item collection 6f83af7c 273f 4946 a7d5 279bb31a1c57

Tub Tea--Bath Tea-HERBAL Pampering Bath--Organic Herbs and Muslin Bags--HANDMADE Aromatherapy


Item collection il fullxfull.1173602178 8f6d

MINI Bottle Necklace- ZOMBIE ASHES-Fairy Sized--Spooky n Cute-Skeleton Charms- Goth-Dead Art


Item collection il fullxfull.1168514418 7xo9

MINIATURE Bottle Earrings--AMETHYST Chips--Silvertone Fish Hooks-Tiny--DollHouse-MINI-


Item collection il fullxfull.952082896 ewxn

Handmade Fabric Buttons -TRENDY 1 1/8" Sewing Crafts Scrapbooking -RED and BLACK


Item collection il fullxfull.898555436 2pm7

FABRIC Covered Button Earrings--5/8"=15mm--WHITE -RED Heart-Surgical Steel--Hypo Allergenic Posts/Backs--Cute--Trendy


Item collection il fullxfull.881127728 3xol

Fabric Covered BUTTONS--Sewing Buttons-Scrap Booking Buttons-Five in Set- (5)--White with Black PAWPRINTS--1- 1/8"-28mm--Sew On--


Item collection il fullxfull.1169149903 17hj

BLACK ROSE Hair Clips--Bobbi Pin Accessories--Hair Clips--Rose Jewelry--Goth Look--Hair Pins


Item collection il fullxfull.717646515 22iq

Glass PEARL Cha Cha Cluster Bracelet--Gorgeous GREENS and Whitest White- Pewter Daisy Caps--Great Accessory


Item collection il fullxfull.1026205486 2n9u

BLACK ROSE Post Earrings--20mm--Goth-Dark--Halloween Jewelry


Item collection 9b6b6bc0 8f06 4719 a6b6 0c8291731ca3

VINTAGE Pillsbury Grand National 2nd 100 Prize Winning RECIPES--First Addition--1950


Item collection d77a5c17 adf3 4904 9def 0b341229b2fe

VINTAGE Beaded Purse---BAG--50s-60s--NAVY Blue


Item collection il fullxfull.955388958 fmhb

Handmade Fabric Buttons Cottage Chic 1- 1/8" Sewing Crafts Scrapbooking Beige n White Print-Five (5)


Item collection il fullxfull.1084644983 7w6s

BLACK Rose Fancy Earrings--Black Rose--Hypo Allergenic Posts --Goth-- Jewelry--18mm


Item collection il fullxfull.493729002 r65j

Red Crystal ( 3 ) Heart Soaps----Love Red---Holiday Soaps----Love HEARTS---Choice of Scents


Item collection il fullxfull.991767842 iud1

Fabric Covered HOT PINK Buttons---Sew On---Crafting-Fabric Projects-Scrap-Booking- Pretty In Pink Art-Five (5)


Item collection 9011670a 2847 430f aa19 99fa7fb65eb6

VINTAGE Hershey KISS Tin--Good Condition--1980


Item collection 8ecb0861 3336 4628 94f9 8d3763e45586

VINTAGE Good Food RECIPE Book--1974 Print-Collectors


Item collection 6650e510 eb06 442c 9af8 6efc8b3f65f4

SPORTS Memorabilia-VINTAGE BASEBALL Magazines--Mets Program-Sports Illustrated-STRIKE Zone-Bob Gibson-Much More


Item collection 78a3a1eb e84b 43ab a821 5e6017aeb265

VINTAGE Heinz SALAD Receipe Book--1957--Collectors Item



Welcome to Yummy Pleasures, your place for handcrafted bath soaps n select handmade jewelry. I have also added my new all natural soy and beeswax candles for your shopping pleasure as well as some cute fabric buttons and earrings. All of my items have been pre-approved by family and friends ! : )