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PUMPKIN Kawaii RESIN Hair Deco--Bobbi Pins-Halloween Fun Hair Art-Hair Pins


Item collection 5ebc98ef ba82 47ef acf9 da598970646e

SKELETON Hair DECO--BobiPins--Black n White--Goth--Spooky Cute-HALLOWEEN


Item collection 86e28710 5495 4057 9c6e 9428bb6ac9f9

Tassel Earrings--Medium Length-Choice 0f Colors--Hippie--Boho Style--Cute for Work or Casual


Item collection d3986a20 8c69 4896 93e9 9333d84a19ed



Item collection 57040971 2c5c 4bfd 90d7 6705809c289f

MINI Bottle Necklace--Fairy Sized 23mm--DANDELION Wishes--Shooting STAR Dreams--Thin Ball Chain


Item collection 03c9b6ed 78b4 4d4e bf4a 29cea6dd1c1c

Skull Cameo LOLITA Hair Pins- Hair Deco-Spooky Cute Halloween Jewelry


Item collection 71fa318e 92d9 460f a96b 4b3e5d43bacd

VINTAGE Culinary Cookbooks--Culinary Arts Institute-Paperbooks


Item collection d006c186 4f36 4308 be2a 2d756f8e9de1

RED Rose Ring--Resin on Black Brass Adjustable Band--20mm Flower-Romance Inspired


Item collection 2e61dc1e 9a88 4762 99c2 730ee04967fd

FABRIC Covered Earrings--28mm--White on Black POLKA Dots---1-1/8th"-Retro Look--TRENDY-


Item collection il fullxfull.989842281 ps3v

SHEA Butter Soap Bar--Creamy Lather--Organic Blackberry Tea--BlackBerry Soap


Item collection 00defb01 2a9f 4342 8cf2 94f090d4f4f8

COVER Button KIT-Wire Backs-Size 24--15mm--36 Sets--Includes Tool-FABRIC Scraps--Destash--Supplies


Item collection il fullxfull.1179231718 4qrp

MINI Bottle Necklace--Patriotic Fireworks--Red-White-Blue Tinsel Glitter--Fairy Sized-23mm--Silver Toned Thin Ball Chain-Heart Charm


Item collection il fullxfull.261265957

Shea Butter SWEET Berries n Cream or Fresh Blackberries-- Square Soap Bar--Skin-Loving Soaps


Item collection il fullxfull.1173082228 gbq7

MINI Bottle Necklace--FESTIVITIES-Party Confetti--FAIRY Art-Blue Chain--Fun Gift


Item collection il fullxfull.650199148 706e

Silicone--Rubber--DeSTASh Supplies--Flexible Spooky Spiders n Webs--JELLO Molds-Soaps--Wax Melts--Toy Mold--Candle -ONE TRAY


Item collection il fullxfull.561569171 dt23

GLYCERINE-- Soap--UNISEX Bar-- Rain --Irish Mint- Fresh Grass--Bamboo- Green Wreath-Christmas-Easter--St Patricks Day--


Item collection il fullxfull.1223084167 siqq

GLITTER Pots--5G--Three Pack---Midnight Black--Snow White--Pretty In Pink--CRAFTING--Nails--Hair Glitter--Sparkles--DESTASH


Item collection il fullxfull.516767435 s5sc

Glycerine SOAP Bar--Bubbly--Yummy Bubble Gum--Oval---Hot Pink-Kids or Adults Love Bubblegum


Item collection il fullxfull.991768850 87qt

Handmade Fabric Earrings--Bold Black n White CHEVRON Zig Zag Pattern--28mm 1-1/8 TRENDY Pattern


Item collection il fullxfull.780571736 i334

Fancy Metal Head Band--Black Filigree--Antique Inspired-Water Lily Lotus-Blue Daisies--Half Pearls Glass


Item collection il fullxfull.943000674 lokb

Glycerine Soap Bar--BERGAMOT--Grapefruit Scent--Garden CALENDULA--Handcrafted


Item collection il fullxfull.1000105006 gdn0

FABRIC Covered Buttons--Handmade--28mm-1-1/8"-Green Leafy Vintage Pattern


Item collection il fullxfull.586894695 1gm3

Mini HairCombs--Vintage Inspired--Pearls--Hot Pink Resin Flowers--Dress Up--Prom--Graduation


Item collection il fullxfull.991774460 mibv

Fabric Covered STRIPED Black n White- Post EARRINGS--Light Weight-28mm-1-1/8"-Trendy-Fun


Item collection il fullxfull.782641183 lar4

Hair COMB--3"--Acrylic Comb --MUM Cabachon--Rose Cabachons--Hair Deco--Jewelry--Flat Back Glass Pearls


Item collection il fullxfull.1038300253 d8gw

Handmade Fabric Earrings - Bold Black and White POLKA DOTS-1 1/8"--Light Weight-Retro Design


Item collection il fullxfull.814573378 q7us

Hair Pins--Bobby Pins--HIPPY Hair Deco--Yellow Cluster ROSES--Blue Painted WOOD Beads


Item collection il fullxfull.452517243 7vqv

White Flower Resin MUMS---Bobbi Pins--Graduation, Wedding, Bridesmaids, Hair Pins-- PROM Accessories


Item collection il fullxfull.588172723 985q

Hippy MINI Hair Clips--Aligator-Crocodile--Blue-Pink-Brown Flowered Clips-60s Vintage Inspired


Item collection il fullxfull.671611421 arq9

Red Siam Czech Firepolished Rosary Chaplet--One Decade Prayer Beads--Car Rosary--Finger Rosary


Item collection il fullxfull.1177940480 fd7h

Mini BOTTLE Necklace--Party Colors--LOVE Jewelry--Matching Ball Chain Thin Chain--Fairy ART


Item collection il fullxfull.719449577 5rkb

KEY Ring--Key Chain Worry Beads---PRAYER Beads--Tibetan Silver Prayer Box Charm--Ceramic Worry Beads


Item collection il fullxfull.725919121 6nm4

Chaplet--Finger Rosary--Single Decade Rosary--Cats Eye Rosary--Gorgeous Pink Rosary--Prayer Beads


Item collection il fullxfull.864507959 4786

FABRIC Covered Earrings-Button Earrings--COUNTRY Style--SEED Packets --Hypo Allergenic Posts n Studs--Gifts For Her--Trendy


Item collection il fullxfull.587328499 ag2l

Mini HairCombs--Vintage Inspired--Pearls--Green Clover Colored Flowers--Dress Up--Prom--Graduation


Item collection il fullxfull.450724892 jipx

GREENMINT Rose Ring Coctail-Wedding-Graduation--Bridesmaid--Antique Inspired ROMANTIC-FLOWER Ring


Item collection il fullxfull.616922844 plkf

WATER LILLY Ring----Vintage Romance----Victorian Style--Your Choice--Holiday Gifts---Bridesmaid, Prom, Wedding, Graduation, Fancy Party Ring


Item collection il fullxfull.1226447651 567i

MINI Bottle Patriotic Necklace--Heart Charm With Rhinestones--Ball Chain --RED-White-BLUE--Tiny 23mm


Item collection il fullxfull.947525214 g378

DESTASH Beads n Supplies -SALE---Green Dice-Pink Glass-Clear Glass with Copper Centers---LOT 104


Item collection il fullxfull.1145852278 p408

Vintage Liling Fine China Teacup -Saucer- CHINA PEARL - Soy Candle --Fresh APPLE Orchard Scent--Or CHoose OthEr


Item collection il fullxfull.883856604 p0r9

Natural Lemon Eucalyptus SHEA BUTTER Bar---Unisex--


Item collection il fullxfull.759025962 ihgo

Red Rose Ring-Resin-Black Brass Adjustable Filigree Band-Vintage Romance Inspired-


Item collection il fullxfull.552766703 397k

RED Rose Stud Earrings--FLOWER JEWELRY-Mother's Day


Item collection il fullxfull.725675231 prl0

Chaplet--Finger Rosary--Single Decade Rosary--Cats Eye Rosary--Irish Green Rosary--Prayer Beads


Item collection il fullxfull.582080690 qjf5

Water Lily--Lotus--Victorian Inspired--Vintage Look- Prom, Weddings, Graduations, Fancy Party Resin Ring


Item collection il fullxfull.516694522 9ulj

DEEP Lavender SAGE -- UNISEX Soapbar--Large 5plus oz Bar-- Real Organic Lavender


Item collection il fullxfull.1216428729 scj5

MINIATURE Bottle PIXIE Dust Earrings--Fairy Art---Silver Magical-Little Bottle Jewelry


Item collection il fullxfull.1220270719 q4tz

MINI Bottle Necklace-Heart Shaped-Breast Cancer Tribute--PINK Fairy Dust with Mini Pink SEED Beads--24" Ball Chain--Lovely Gift


Item collection il fullxfull.249794808

Citrus Grove Coolers in Zesty Lemon and Sunsweet Pink Grapefruit---10 in Group


Item collection il fullxfull.1177954328 c87o

MINI Bottle Earrings---COLORS--Bubbles and Beads---RESIN Jewelry---Festive Colors--Fish Hook Earwires


Item collection il fullxfull.780141667 91ew

HAIR CLIP--Brass Filigree--Antique Inspired--Rosy RED--Roses with Red Glass Leaves-Red Glass Half Pearls--Gorgeous


Item collection il fullxfull.1225170855 nvr8

MINI Bottle Earrings..PATRIOTIC---Fireworks---Red---White--Blue---Festive Holiday Jewelry--Resin Earrings


Item collection il fullxfull.1145851580 e5vx

Vintage Liling China Teacup and Saucer-- CHINA PEARL with Angel Wings Scented SOY Candle--Or Chooose From Others


Item collection il fullxfull.1073218619 ekk9

Skull and Crossbone EARRINGS----------Spooky and Cute--3 D--Fun--Halloween--Goth--Folk-Dark Jewelry


Item collection il fullxfull.1174307748 4a1d

MINI Bottle Painted Egg Necklace-Fairy Jewelry-Possibly Magical Eggs-- Purse Charm-


Item collection il fullxfull.793716055 mp7z

HAIR Pins--Hair Jewelry--Peachy-Persimmon Rose--SPOOKY Skeleton Head--White Enamel Bobbi Pin Hair Clips-New


Item collection il fullxfull.780021766 3qkj

BOBBY Pins--Hot PINK Flowers--Roses-Mum--Wood Painted Bead--Hair Clips--Fancy Hair Deco-New For Spring


Item collection il fullxfull.1041505756 p90j

FABRIC Covered Post Earrings---SPOOKY n CUTE--28mm- 1-1/8th "--Dark Purple--Black Bats-Yellow Eyes


Item collection il fullxfull.780149273 oitu

Hair Clip---Brass Filigree---Antique Inspired--Black on Black----Black Roses--Black Glass Pearls and Glass Leaves


Item collection il fullxfull.854018943 miq8

FABRIC Covered Button Earrings--5/8"---Abstract Print--Surgical STEEL Posts--Hypo Allergenic--TRENDY



Welcome to Yummy Pleasures, your place for handcrafted bath soaps n select handmade jewelry. I have also added my new all natural soy and beeswax candles for your shopping pleasure as well as some cute fabric buttons and earrings. All of my items have been pre-approved by family and friends ! : )