I am a self taught artist who enjoys handcrafting soap and bath and body products....as well as my newly added art...natural soy and beeswax candles. For most of my life I had never realized that the "soap" I had been using on my skin was not soap at all, but a conglomeration of chemicals that were not only horrible for the skin, but dangerous in many cases as well. So handcrafting my soaps gives me the opportunity to have something healthy and skin-loving for myself as well as to share with others. Also by using US grown soy, I am helping sustain the local farmers which need our help desperately. Beeswax burns cleanly with no dripping or chemicals to foul our air.

Yummy Pleasures originated in a tiny little cottage kitchen on Long Island. My desire was to create a gentle, lucious, creamy and skin-loving soap bar, free of the harsh chemical ingredients in most of the "soaps" commonly found on store shelves. All of my soaps, and bath n body products are made completely by hand, in small batches. My soaps are created using only the finest ingredients. Each bar is cut completely by hand and cold process bars are allowed to cure a minimum of four weeks. My oils are pure and never from endangered sources. My fragrances are RIFM {Research Institute of Fragrance Material} approved guidlines, both for purity and safety of ingredients. Every product here is handcrafted with love and care. I think you will agree that once you've experienced Yummy Pleasures, you will never return to the harsh reality of "chemical soaps" again.


Welcome to Yummy Pleasures, your place for handcrafted bath soaps n select handmade jewelry. I have also added my new all natural soy and beeswax candles for your shopping pleasure as well as some cute fabric buttons and earrings. All of my items have been pre-approved by family and friends ! : )