BATH TEA-Tub Tea-ORGANIC Herbs-Organic Cotton Muslin Bags-Opens NASAL Passages--Breathe Clear--(3)

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Product Description

Brand new from YummyPleasures is this most delicious blend of organic herbs to open up your stuffy nasal passages and sinuses.....One whiff of this incredible blend starts the process.... Just toss one of these lovely healing tea bags under your running water for your tub, enter, and let the magic begin. Just close your eyes and breathe in this luxurious blend of herbs.
If preferred, these tub teas may be used in your foot spa soak as well Just fill your foot tub with warm water and let bag steep for a few minutes to draw out all of these luxurious sinus relieving herbs....Or as another choice, pour hot water in a bowl and steep one bag....cover your head and bowl with a towel and breathe in this blend. Be careful not to burn yourself when using hot water. We want you to be safe.
These natural menthol herbs combine organic Eucalyptus Leaf, Peppermint Leaf, White Willow Bark Ectract, Juniper, Spearmint Leaf and Fennel...... All organic....This is totally free of sulfates, parabens, chemicals.....not tested on animals, ever.
These organic handmade muslin bags are an off white in color as no bleach or chemicals were used in their creation. They are 2" x 3" , re-usable and just the perfect size for use in your bath or facial steam. You will get three generously sized bags in your order. Thanks for looking............

Happy Customer:
"This is the best sinus medicine I've ever used. Blows the over - the-counter meds out of the water. I am ordering more right now so I don't run out. Friendly seller. Thanks"
Jamie S.

BATH TEA-Tub Tea-ORGANIC Herbs-Organic Cotton Muslin Bags-Opens NASAL


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